Your Outfit Can be Perfect

OOTD which is generally used in fashion world basically stands for “Outfit of the Day”. Through OOTD you can make the world know what is your fashion mood or style for the day. But for getting more likes or clicks for your picture on Instagram or Facebook, you need to know some of the basic OOTD photo tips.

Sayonato shop owners happened to be a fan of selfies and OOTD, so we’re sharing some lessons learned! XD

OOTD photo tips- Ask for someone to take your photo.

One important OOTD pose tip is to never go for selfie. Sorry to disappoint ladies who loves to take the shots on their own.   But the best photographs happen when someone else takes the photo for you!  Ask a friend who has basic knowledge of photography, or at least good at finding the right angles to take your snap. Or you can invest a few pesos for a tripod, through which you can take your picture effortlessly with much better angles.

OOTD photo tips- Angle is the Answer!

Yes, we will keep mentioning the word”angles” – because this is the key to the perfect pose for you.  Highlight your assets, and position your body in such a way that will create curvy lines.  You’ll understand what we mean when you check out these helpful online articles for posing: How to Angle the Body for Better Portraits and How to Pose for Pictures

OOTD photo tips- Carry an accessory.

Sometimes we forget that accessories are part of the outfit!  Carry a handbag, a clutch or any piece of accessory.  Put your hand to hold your necklace while posing.  Pose as if about to take off your sling bag or as if opening your clutch.  Yes, bags and accessories can serve as your handy prop and make yourself more comfortable to strike a pose.

OOTD photo tips – Choose the right contrast for your background.
As per an old saying, the background of a picture makes it alive. Thus the second tip we have is to consider the background where your picture will be taken. It can be a lonely road, beautiful natural landscape or bright colored graphic. The background you choose should complement your outfit and should also highlight it.


OOTD photo tips- Play with lights.
Just like a painter plays with its color, you can play with the lighting for your OOTD pose. One of the best OOTD pose tips is to go with lighting which illuminates not only your frame but adds depth to your snap. Soft lightning is ideal for indoor shoots if you like it vintage.  For your modern look, a bright light would be more suitable.  Think of Instagram filters – the brightness vary the mood.  This may also be applied in choosing lighting depending on the mood of your outfit.

OOTD photo tips – Schedule your outdoor shoot.

When in doubt about an indoor setting, going for an outdoor shoot with natural light is the way to go.  Consider the time of day when you’ll conduct the shoot.  Early sunrise or before sunset shooting is considered to be ideal, but sometimes shadows created during afternoon adds an entirely different angle to your OOTD pose.  Use the shadow to emphasize your lovely silhouette. If you’re a newbie, don’t go with an evening outdoor shoot yet. This is fun, too but takes more skills to capture the right shots.